What is Poetry?

What is poetry? I know not. I’m a mere amateur trying to be someone. Mind you, not like someone. Poetry, to me is elusive. I know about poetry just as much a new-born knows about the wide vast world. It’s an ocean to me, and I try swimming across, trying to reach somewhere. With words... Continue Reading →

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Exhaled her from his life he did, slowly, with every puff of smoke he released, and with it watched her face away into nothingness Follow @themusingquill on Instagram for more micropoetry. I await you there. 🙂 ~~~~~ Asha Seth

कौन आया है?

धुआं धुआं हुआ उस गली का झोंका जो कभी गुलाब सा महेकता था खोया हुआ है अब उस देश का सूरज आज न जाने कहाँ ढले कभी दर्जनों कोयलें एक साथ उड़ान भर्ती थीं जहाँ आज एक कौवे तक को नज़र तरसती है चांदनी रातों में उस शहर की चौबारें घुँघरुओं की बौछार से चहकती... Continue Reading →

The God of the Foolish…

When you told me to keep secrets I kept them hidden so deep inside that I couldn't find them to save my own life and that night the moon laughed at my foolishness for I was crying over the corpse of my self-made follies. Guess that's what you made of me not blind not selfish... Continue Reading →

On Bookish Giveaways…

I love books but can't say the same for giveaways. And that is because of the few instances in the past when I've entered in giveaways but never made it. My lack of interest thereafter was profound, and not because I never won, but because I came to a calculated conclusion that one had to... Continue Reading →

#Quoted: Forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable…

The sci-fi superstar wrote more than 5000 words daily. If it wasn't her manuscript, she was seen jotting down her thoughts in a daily journal she held almost all her life. But never did a day go by when she did not write. And that is an ardent practice of most of the famous names... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Challenge – 2019

Hello readers and bloggers, The year is almost over in, what feels like, the blink of an eye. And with that, we are at the end of our time for completing the Goodreads annual reading challenge. I have been struggling to make ends meet as I fell out of my reading routine the past couple... Continue Reading →


never saw a day through the eyes of glory but when dusk came I cried for it, nonetheless what was it that pinched the heart so when everything seemed merry why did it feel awry? the lakes felt a bit too full yet couldn't quench my thirst and till date, till this minute what is... Continue Reading →

The Steal: Book Review by Asha Seth

REVIEW AVAILABLE ON: INSTAGRAM | GOODREADS | AMAZON Author: Yuvaraja Dhayanithi| Genre: Crime Thriller | Pages: 176 The Plot: Mohan and Sofia plot to rob one of the richest banks in Germany. Their luck ensures huge haul with no loose end. With all the money in the world and love in the air, they live life straight out of a fairy tale.... Continue Reading →


and at times I wondered, if those pretentious words were a better company or the penetrating silence? Follow @themusingquill on Instagram for more micropoetry. I await you there. 🙂 ~~~~~ Asha Seth

It is an illusion…

but it is an illusion to want to have that what may never live you'll forever find what was never there if you continue to look you might just see why you never had it but it is an illusion to want to have that what may never live walk ahead but look down that... Continue Reading →

Life in the Sunshine: Book Review by Asha Seth

REVIEW AVAILABLE ON: INSTAGRAM | GOODREADS | AMAZON Author: T. Sathish| Genre: Sports, Non-fiction | Pages: 228 The Plot: Three friends, Sameer, Sathish, and Trib, share a common love - Cricket, amongst other things. But an incident in International Cricket has rocked their happy boat. So what next? They dream to play for the Indian National Cricket Team. Will they succeed in... Continue Reading →

It’d be you…

Through nights and days, The only thing I’d dreamt of Was picture-prefect memories And a place to hold it all When evenfall came I looked about me Found only emptiness on faces bizarre It didn’t come to me Not at first, But the one thing I wanted was Slowly turning rare Far and wide The... Continue Reading →

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