While checking recent blogs and other activities from fellow-readers and bloggers on WordPress today, I stumbled across a strange new word – ‘Amaryllis‘! Wait a minute, did I spell it correctly?

As it always happens that we come across new words in this world full of words and letters, So, yes; this was a new-comer in my world of words. Let me not forget to mention how I came across it.

As I was wandering through the various updates, I found that ‘Amaryllis‘ had liked and commented on a few of my blog posts. So, yes, Amaryllis is a fellow blogger on WordPress and has recently connected with me. As I got introduced to this new word now, the wheels of my mind started turning. It sounded like a queer little word to me and no matter how much I pondered over it, I couldn’t just seem to have a clue about it.

It could mean various things starting from someone’s name to the name of a place, maybe something really precious to someone or just a pseudo name as I’ve found that most people prefer having pseudo names for profiles across the worldwide web. I didn’t know what it meant and within a few seconds I was obsessed with the idea of  wanting to know more about Amaryllis. No matter what I tried to concentrate on, it just didnt seem to leave my mind. Deeply etched in my thoughts as it was, I then thought of consulting Mr. Know-it-All. I quickly opened another tab and with lightening speed typed ‘AMARILLYIS‘ in the search bar of Google and hit enter.

Now, it rarely happens that Mr. Know-it-All doesn’t know one-thing about any given topic. He still has a thousand suggestions to throw even when you’ve typed something wrong. Hence I corrected myself and typed ‘AMARYLLIS‘ (correcting it from ‘AMARILLYIS‘ – told you it was new for me).


there you go! Head-spinning results with zillion links.

I clicked the first link that said THESAURUS (which for me has always been The LORD OF WORDS). As soon as I clicked on it, second strange thing happenend in the evening within a matter of a quarter of an hour. The Lord of Words also
seemed to be recently introduced to ‘Amaryllis‘ as it said – ‘no results found’ (Bold and Underlined) and rather asked me if I was looking for  –
emulous or amorphous or enormous and hundred other words.

Weird! Weird! Weird!

So, proceeding further, the next link said Oxford Online Dictionaries (Another Biggie when it comes to words and meanings)  and although reluctantly, I clicked to check.  My efforts not being in vain, I managed to find a way to quench the thirst ‘Amaryllis‘ had arised in me. The OOD suggested this:



    A bulbous plant of the lily family with showy white, pink, or red flowers and straplike leaves, in particular.
    A South African plant (Amaryllis belladonna).


So yes, to some extent that satiated my crave for getting acquainted with ‘Amaryllis‘. But, I still had unquenchable thoughts about my new blog-mate as the meanings that I’d found just didn’t seem relevant. It made me wonder about the person. His/Her thought process to have a name like this for their Blog-profile. Lets just say, I was trying really hard to arrive at a satisfactory infernal relevance. Just then I found something that made absolute sense to me. Another link suggested by Mr. Know-it-All called Urban Dictionary got me hooked for good for a few seconds while I read this:

Amaryllis – name for a great person, don’t get on her bad side or you’ll be sad you did. she is sweet but headstrong, she loves vampires and getting bitten on the neck, and also loves to grind it! She is a good friend, she’ll always have your back, she’ll fight for you, she’ll die for you. Most trustworthy person you will ever know. Loves horses, kinda boy crazy, but will stick to your side no matter what.

A tough Cowgirl who don’t take shit from no one. You’ll always find her with a horse or a romance book in her hand. Doesn’t eat beef, Loves cows and likes to tell you about how some restaurants feed you ostrich. She’ll cry with you, laugh with you, run/dance naked through the back pasture while listen to “she don’t know she’s beautiful” and make naked wish’s with you at 11:11
She’s adventurous, is up to any challenge, won’t back down from a fight, and can tough it out better then any hardcore cowboy. She’ll do anything with you, ex.1 pee in a random toilet on the side of the road, hitchhike, she’ll tell you her deepest darkest secrets and will trust you with them.

she Loves hott guys! especially hott half-naked cowboys. She’ll want to ride horse while naked and will go play in the woods in the dark (because she ain’t scared of the darkness)
She’ll also love layin in the middle of your road with you while watchin the clouds and/or stars go by. She’ll hide under a bed with you, and sneak out windows in hippy skirts with you and will walk through corn fields in the middle of night with you. Amaryllis will be the best friend you’ll ever find
and/or have. So better keep a hold of any Amaryllis you come in contact with because they are rare and don’t come often.


Though I’d finished reading it, it seemed to have claimed the better of me. I re-read it and re-read it all over again and a strange idea struck me.

Amaryllis is not just a varied color flower or a name or just a person. She is a sweet strong feeling that dwells in all of us. She is living in us, accompanying us in every good and glee moment of our life. She manifests when we look for freedom and fight for it. She rejoices in our happiness and craziness. She provokes us to imagine the bold and the beautiful. She encourages the adventurous side of us. She is alive when someone realizes their dreams. She motivates us to find the brighter side of the world when everything seems dark.

In other words, Amaryllis is in all of us in the form of hope, love, faith, fun, freedom, happiness, modesty, humbleness, care, affection, friendship etc. She appears to us in just the way we look at her. As for me,  she’ll always appear as my new blog-mate who taught me so many things with the introduction of just one little word in my life – AMARYLLIS.

-Asha Seth


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  1. Stunning Great! I liked your version of ‘Amaryllis’ better. Ironically, I read your section post I wrote on Amaryllis myself. And trully loved the part – ‘Amaryllis’ vs “Amarllyis’..! (Wait, does that get my eyes rolling??) 😉



“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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