It is difficult to find someone who would stay by your side and always be there for you. And even if you do find that someone, it is thoroughly unpredictable if that person who would stick by your side through thick and thin and forever and for always.

But IΒ  must say this; in the journey of my life so far, I was fateful and grateful enough to have been able to spot out that one thing which will never slip away with time. Who will always be there no matter what. Who I can trust with all my heart that they wouldn’t hurt or betray me. Who will cater to my inconsistentΒ  moods and still be unconditionally understanding. Someone who will serve the purpose and meaning of a true relationship. And I feel happy to announce that I’ve found that one person in books!


Books! Books! Books! I am never alone as long as I have my faith in books. I have a friend, a family, a home, a universe in the books that I read and own. I will always treasure and nurture this relationship with books.

Books & Me, Forever! πŸ™‚

-Asha Seth