Some books are simple plain life-transformers! I’ve read a few autobiographies of great successful men. However, these two books


from The Most Respectable Former Indian President and Nuclear Scientist Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Image

top the list of my favorite autobiographies. These books are a reflection of Dr. Kalam’s life and his experiences and are immensely intellectual and highly transforming as

  • They teach you so much and change the way you look at life.
  • They help you build the confidence that leads you to excellence.
  • They motivate you to aim for perfection and set enough guidelines to achieving it.
  • They make problems look smaller.
  • They make to see things in the broad daylight.
  • They show you the importance of determination, dedication, perseverance, patience and how imbibing these values can help you achieve success.

Dr. Kalam is and has always been my idol in life. He is the person who helps me define who I am today as his books have highly motivated and inspired me to do good for all and believe in good for all and helped me change my perspective toward my life. His books have helped me be a better person. His books have transformed my life.

I would most certainly recommend these books from one of my most beloved authors to all my friends and mates as I’d like them to experience the change I did. To be a better individual. To be a responsible citizen.

-Asha Seth