It is not everyday that a movie is released that has an ever-lasting impression on our minds. Forget everyday; sometimes, its years before you come across a movie that leaves a mark and meaning.  One that wins our hearts right from the very first show that hits the multiplexes. One that is on everyone’s lips more than their names.

That name these days is Buuffiiiii…! Did I pronounce it correctly? Who cares?? 😀

So, yes the movie is BARFI.

I got a chance to watch it  first thing in the morning on Wednesday. Thanks to the Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday.

Now, no specific reason for the longing to watch it except for the fact that I am a big-time Actor Priyanka Chopra admirer. So, I had to watch it, come what may. And let me admit it, I immensely loved her acting in the movie. Extra-ordinary!

Saying that I loved the movie would be an exaggerated understatement.

Both the stars Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are amazingly awesome all through the movie. I was enraptured by how brilliantly they both have outdone their roles in the movie. I am still reliving various stills from the movie in my mind. I am totally, absolutely, utterly, solidly bewitched by the movie as it silently plays in the back of my mind.

There is this one particular song that most appealed to me.

Aashiyan. Meaning – Home. In one word I can describe this song as ‘Captivating‘. I would want my friends to listen to it and hence here I have pasted a link from YouTube for you. Even though the lyrics(which is in hindi) might sound outlandish to a few of us, I’d still want you to listen to it and savor the music.

Watch it here:

With its most elegant music, it captivates your heart like no other. The picturisation is so immensely beautiful yet cute that it tends to leave a permanent dent in your heart with all the love and humor.

These few lines make so much sense to me in this world full of reality based shit.

Aadhi aadhi baant le
Aaja dil ki ye zameen
Thoda sa tera sa hoga
Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye Aashiyan

Let’s share the land of my heart. You own a bit. I own a bit. And lets call it our home to be. (Managed to translate it somehow)

And that is exactly what this song conveys. There is nothing as precious as  love. It reminds me a few lines I’d read somewhere,

To love is heavenly, to be loved is divine‘.

What can one ask for? With dreams of high accomplishments, mankind has turned into mere puppets of Money, Fame, Wealth, Glamor and all the other cousins of Prosperity.  But what is comparable of unconditional love, happiness, satisfaction, peace?? Nothing. Nothing at all.
Coming from a place that I do, my family has always valued material gains over my ethereal needs. That has further left me craving for affection and love right since a very young age. I tend to ask them mutely ‘what is the use of such money that cannot bring me happiness and joy?’ I wish they could hear my unsaid words and the indescribable emotions. Not that they are wrong. But still.
I’d live in a hut with a man who showered me with coins of his love rather than of gold. A tiny piece of land that I could decorate with his affection and call it our home.  I’d just simply live and enjoy life as there is boundless joy in simplicity. And when I heard this song, I felt as though it was written voicing my heart. A song I have been singing all my life. A song that portrays my desires. A song to remember. A song made for me. Just for me.
So did you listen to it? How did you like it?
 -Asha Seth