Confused, are you??

So was I when I accidentally lost one of my awards in the sea of comments. This was awarded to me close to a month ago from my friend Tapish. It was only  recently that I realized it. I was stunned by how careless I can get.

And the first thing that hit my mind at a cyclonic speed is ‘SORRY & THANKS’.

Remembering what someone said,

“Better Late than Never”

I delved into the endless stream of notifications and I skimmed, rummaged, ferreted through them to  locate where my lovely award was. And there it was. Hidden. Lying innocently under the cushions of warm wishes from Tapish.

This is what Tapish had awarded me with from the depths of his heart of gold.

Super-Sweet Blogging Award

Dear Tapish, here I am, saying sorry for not having acknowledged your fervent words of appreciation and the beautiful award earlier. At the same time, thanking you for the very same reason.

For the super-cute award. For the super-sweet feeling attached with it.

You can visit his amorous blog here which is brimming with his solicitous style of writing and most inspiring thoughts.

Tapish @

Here I go about passing the award to my other blogger-friends to see a super-sweet smile lighting their faces too just like this one did on mine.

So again the rules. There are no rules as such but just something you might want to do to share the happiness.

  • Show-off the award on your blog.
  • Thank the super-sweet blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer five super-sweet questions about yourself.
  • Nominate 13 super-sweet bloggers.

—My turn to answer questions

Q. Cookies or Cakes?

A. Cakes (why is there an option? ;-))
Q. Chocolate or Vanilla?

A. Chocolate (What is Vanilla? :D)

Q. What is your favorite sweet treat?

A. Hot juicy Jalebis

Q. When do you crave for sweet things the most?

A. Around the clock

Q. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

A. Parents call me ‘Cham-Cham‘. Guess, that says it all.

—Now its your turn!

—I nominate


Share your thoughts. Share happiness. 🙂
-Asha Seth