It’s Celebration Time!

Whether at work, whether at home. Ever since I am a part of WordPress, the first thing that I do in the morning is checking my blog. POST-ing a bit, SHARE-ing a bit, LIKE-ing a bit, COMMENT-ing a bit. It is quite an addiction, you see.  This morning too I logged into my WordPress account the first thing, and well, I was surprised to see something. Here, Look at this!!

The Sweet-Invisible-Lady as I call her was hiding there. And she got me all spooked as she jumped in front of me with this badge in her hands. I could see her all happy and I was all smiles myself. Beaming from ear to ear. Realizing a few minutes too late that my cheeks were hurting due to the outstretched smile, I accepted my yet another award from her and watched her disappear in the stream of posts and comments and awards and likes.

What is left to say?? Given so mesmerized with all the happiness as I already am. Speechless, mute, dumbstruck, tongue-tied!(Any other word that I can add to the list??)

My journey so far on WordPress has been more than exciting and fulfilling. It has been more of a take-take and less of a give-give kind of relationship. I have been made to feel special and awarded with mind-blowing awards, warm wishes, heartfelt comments and it is just not that. The Sweet-Invisible-Lady has been a hell lot of a more than generous to me in awarding me with badges and sashes every now and then. Recently, she also surprised me with yet another badge stating ‘150 Blog-Followers on WordPress‘. How can I ever thank her enough?? Besides, how can I ever thank all my blog-mates for their unconditional love and support(not to forget their PATIENCE!!)

That, this ‘1000-LIKES‘ badge is a token of their Love and Appreciation I so cherish. Here is me, thanking all by blogger-friends for this wealth that they have bestowed on me from time to time.

-Asha Seth



29 thoughts on “It’s Celebration Time!

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    1. Dear StetotheJ,

      Words of Joy, Words of warmth.
      Heartfelt wishes like those, is all I want.

      Happy to see you around here after a while. And of course, why wouldn’t this space be fantastic?? Your humble presence makes all the difference. Keep coming and making this place even better. 🙂



    1. Dear shudderingwords,

      Pleased as I am to see you around here again. Let me also tell you that I am pretty surprised myself. All credits to my blog-mates like yourself. I’d feel more than happy to share a few of these with you if that gets you a little less jealous. 😉

      Thank you for coming and making this place even better with your warm words of appreciation(Do you still see me smiling??).:-)



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