A Casual Tirade

People, stop writing about how blogging is great, how good people are to you, just how much you love writing… STOP! STOP! STOP!

We know you care for the word. All of us do. And that’s why we’re here. That’s why YOU are here. But why, in the name of all that’s good, harp on it? Write something meaningful. That has more substance than matter repeated a zillion times. Trying hard to impress? Seriously, I couldn’t care less.

So I ain’t in a good mood. Not my usual self. And yes, you may have gathered that by now. So go ahead. Ask me why?

To begin with, I met with an accident the start of this week. Oil spill that had my bike go skidding down the bridge. My bike was in a rather bad shape than I. That same day, my best friend too met with an accident. Bloody coincidence! Lucky, we are still alive. Who’s trying to screw things up? Who’s attempting to hurt me or my loved ones? Here I am. Bruised and hurting, I’m roaming around like a starving lion, ready to devour anyone, anything. Care to cross me?

Mom called to say I should be careful. I’m not to be trusted with speed, she adds. I wasn’t exactly trying to die, I snap back. Time’s not good for me. Like a vampire thirsty for my blood, something’s been chasing me. Cloaked, invisible and right after my life. How do I escape from someone I can’t even see? I feel insecure; an atmosphere of dread follows me.

I work with fury, the copy I scribble stares back at me. Why so paranoid, they ask? When a colleague tries to strike a conversation, I find it hard to answer in an even tone. I’m afraid my voice will strip me off and lay bare my insecurities, making me a piece of mockery. So I don’t reply at all. To hell with them!

Missing the goody-goody me? Bet you are. No flowery talks, no swooning poems. The skin of pride is shed; left behind raw and bare. Where do I begin? Where do I stop?

Asha Seth

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  1. Asha,

    Dear I am so sorry for the pain you’re going through… take care of yourself and your shoulder.

    About the emotions that you have reflected on your write-up was understandable. I empathize with you. Feeling that way sometimes makes us to sit down quietly, all by ourselves and introspect things around and within us. And you get the best ideas and thoughts during these phases or just after the passing of that phase.

    Thanks for showing the mirror… probably every reader must have seen their reflections through this piece.

    Regards, CP


  2. Ouch. That must of hurt, however there’s is nothing wrong with simply letting off some steam. It’s perfectly normal and fine to do.

    Hope you’re okay and feeling better.


  3. Hi Asha, I am so sorry to hear about your troubles! I know the feeling, I get stuck in these moods too and self pity at times. When I was younger, especially. My kids can usually pull me out of it now, but I have a vulnerability to depression and it is really difficult to shake sometimes. I hope you get out of the funk soon, it will soon be a memory to add to your history. Until then, take care of yourself and know it’s normal to get upset and discouraged by life’s unexpected impediments. ~Anne

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    1. Your words add sunshine to my days, Anne. It’s been 2 weeks now and there’s no denying that I do feel tad better. Depression, ah! I’ve been a victim of it and I hope you cope up well and emerge stronger than ever.
      How are you doing? Loads of love to you.

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      1. I am doing well, other than our current political system that has my mind preoccupied a lot lately. Personal life is good with lots to be grateful for! I am enjoying my online herbal class and anticipating spring so I can start growing herbs again. You are so kind, and I hope you find more strength from your perils! You radiate brilliance, even when down and I am so grateful to have met you! ❤Your friend, Anne


        1. I can imagine the present atmosphere to be quite tense and ambiguous. I’m sure it must impact many. Amidst all that’s happening, I’m happy you’re having your head high up, sane and sound. I’m equally happy to have found you, my friend. 🙂

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  4. i found this extremely soothing…….i can assure you, i read this eloquently…..enunciating and punctuating as would be needed…….emphasizing and screaming, though silently in my mind………..some days just suck everything out of you…..
    i hope you and your friend are going good now………best wishes…… 🙂 🙂

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    1. You find it soothing, and I was going through hell while writing this one. I’m loads better now though.
      Yes, we are both well, but just the thought that things could’ve been worse creeps me out. But I guess in my mind now I’m settled with that. 🤓
      How do you do?

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      1. i think it came out wrong…….i meant i so wanted to scream that your raw and unleashed sort of rant gave some voice to the frustration…….and helped my need………i did not mean i drew any pleasure from your suffering……
        it’s good to know that you both are well…….and in my experience, things can always get worse……but the fact that it doesn’t……..we ought to celebrate that….because ‘life’ sucks a lot…lol
        i am doing fine. 🙂 🙂

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  5. Feeling glad to know nothing major happened to you dear Asha…take care and rest..get well soon that’s what is my wish..I feel you should go by public transport for a few days untill all things get settled in a proper place

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    1. Yes, I’m a bit weird that way. A bad mood drags on and on with me, leeching onto me like a parasite. I’m sticking by Harry Potter for now as the books make me feel better and keep the pain at bay.
      Thanks Uma.


  6. Ah ! I guess this is the phase of life that repeats on and off and to be honest it proves you are alive and kicking , you are enough human and do have pretty emotions 😛

    Great to put it up here , and take care dear .!!

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    1. Thanks Charvi. Gradually one needs to go on and I’m pushing myself through. Well, some would say it was a mere accident and a lot of things happen that are worse than that. But may be at a particular time, any incident can seem worse given the situation you’re dealing with.

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            1. Negativity hunts you down at your weakest. It’s difficult to elude it for long, especially when one’s down. Be around whatever raises your spirits. Read happy stuff. Eat bliss foods. What more can I say? Just try and keep yourself occupied.

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  7. Just when I thought it not possible I am even more fond of you than ever! Speaking your truth Asha is beautiful! Terrible to hear of your accident and your friends as well I am glad you are both okay!! ❤ and like I say honey when ppl try to question me of why Im in an off sort of a mood 'Im not all sunshine and rainbows for crapsake' hahaa! I hope the crappy mood passes quickly for you but honestly Im glad you posted this and got some of it off of your chest! XO!! ❤

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    1. Yes, just writing about it pacified me a lot better. Amazing what writing does to us addicts. I’m getting better I hope; I’m not as much surly and sore as I was. Thanks Mau. Your words make me happier.

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  8. I understand ur pain . when accident happens there are thoughts like this wanders around mind ..don’t worry.. Slowly u will start feeling good.pain will subside.. None gonna hurt u. Blogging is not just about flowery words. Its all about expressing happiest of the things and hardest of thing u suffer.. People love to say how blogging is wonderful because of all the blogs they write which includes a great substance , people also want to thank many who they feel connected with. With their work.I can understand every bit of painful things surpassing ur mind.. Don’t worry..ur pain will decrease.. U wil smile again

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    1. I just hate how I am reduced on hope after such incidents. It takes a really long time for me to have hope restored in things once lost. Guess the whole week I’ve just been a grumbling old ass. I like writers, on the whole, and appreciate their hard work. Excuse the rants. :-O

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      1. Sometimes its also important to see each other perspective.
        Hey don’t worry.. Something which you are going thru is understandable but then , u wil have to overcome this phase.none can bring hope to u better than u . look at the people who survived severe medical condition.think about people who have survived natural disaster.. Its their will power which made them overcome.. I don’t know how to cheer u up.. But I m with u..


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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