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The First Book I Read

The love for reading is a welcome inheritance from my father. I couldn’t have had it any other way. I wouldn’t have! I can hardly recall when I began reading books by myself. But what I do remember is that... Continue Reading →

Book Nerd Quirks

Have you ever lied to your parents or friends? Because you had your heart in a book! Have you ignored people, consciously cruelly? Because you had your heart in a book! Have you had sleepless nights? Because you had your... Continue Reading →

But Don’t Write Poetry!

Go to Tibet Ride a camel. Read the bible. Dye your shoes blue. Grow a beard. Circle the world in a paper canoe. Subscribe to The Saturday Evening Post. Chew on the left side of your mouth only. Marry a... Continue Reading →


She daydreams about the handsome princes and knights in shining armor the queens in glorious gowns and castles with secrets galore ♥ She's mesmerized by the magic conjured by wands by the beauty of invisibility cloaks by cursed rings, poisoned... Continue Reading →


Originally published on The Unread Book Long did she stare at the books Beyond the shiny glassdoors Reluctant to enter those massive aisles Not capable of holding herself back From stealing a copy or two Wishing for the umpteenth time She... Continue Reading →

What writing takes…

I love to read. Not because I am a writer. But because there is no better teacher. Reading always gives me new ways to write. Opens new windows with better perspectives. Last week I finished reading Jhumpa Lahiri's latest book 'In... Continue Reading →


So true! Hence, I have this under my pillow 🙂 😉 -Asha Seth

Can I have some more BOOKS?

Can I have some more BOOKS, please?? A never-satisfying thirst. A never-ending search. No matter how many BOOKS I read. No matter how many BOOKS I own. I still always feel the need to have some more. -Asha Seth Related... Continue Reading →


Some books are simple plain life-transformers! I've read a few autobiographies of great successful men. However, these two books from The Most Respectable Former Indian President and Nuclear Scientist Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam top the list of my... Continue Reading →

How many books do you read at a time?

I read almost 3-4 books at one time on an variable average which is generally a blend of paper-backs, e-books, audio-books etc.(Is there any other means left?) 😉 Because for me, Reading one book is like eating one chip. You never feel satisfied! -Asha Seth

If anyone, trust BOOKS!

It is difficult to find someone who would stay by your side and always be there for you. And even if you do find that someone, it is thoroughly unpredictable if that person who would stick by your side through... Continue Reading →

Possessed, are you?

"You are possessed!" said my old friend Rachel (I'll tell you about her some other time). She satirically accused me of being possessed and that I should seek remedy. Well, what could I say? Very subtly I replied, "Yes; I... Continue Reading →

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