The Joy of Giving

Certain lessons of life run in your veins, like blood. Mother always said, that by giving, you grow. So we ought not think about what we give away, just give. Help those who have to struggle for the things you are blessed with. Religiously, we would donate or give daan each year. The 'Joy of... Continue Reading →


Perfect Bliss

On a windy night In the middle of summer The light showers Soaked me skin down ♥ Walking down the street With all but myself The darkness invited me Welcomed me as its own ♥ Uncertainty followed me Fear shadowed my silhouette Towering over my conscience Questioned all I’d done ♥ When I was certain... Continue Reading →


Shallow aspirations, masked apprehensions, callow words, stories told. ♥ Trials or tribulations, finessed or artless, but naivety is better than regrets, experience does teach that. ♥ It's time to celebrate, the victory of words, over mindless reservations, and mundane adversities. ♥♥♥ Asha's Blog completed 4 years today. ♥♥♥ The beginning was harrowing. But could it be... Continue Reading →

RIP (Return If Possible) Dr Kalam

Mere 6 days ago, I saw this shocking update on twitter where Haryana Education Minister, at a school function, paid homage to the now Late Former President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. It was shocking and no matter what, it had to be joke. It had to be! Within the matter of mere seconds, I brought... Continue Reading →

Another Year has passed

Another year has passed. And it still feels like a new beginning. With two years gone, there's much that has changed. Two years ago this time, after much thought; the wheels were set to roll. Like the almost negligible crunching of pebbles, that is heard on the ground when a cart starts to move, words were scarce,... Continue Reading →

And a year passes by…

And a year passes by...just like that! Sometime last year, around this time, it was a new beginning. It was a time, after much thought; the wheels were set to roll. Like the almost negligible crunching of pebbles that is heard on the grounds when a cart starts to move, the words were scarce and... Continue Reading →

On Being Awarded

Being Awarded feels like Heaven. Feels Special. Feels Honored. Feels Praised. Feels Inspired. Gives you a reason to smile. A Reason to Celebrate. A Reason to Appreciate. A Reason to share Happiness. A Reason to share Love. A Reason to share the Awards. A Reason to make someone feel the joys of Being Awarded! Past... Continue Reading →

It’s Celebration Time!

Whether at work, whether at home. Ever since I am a part of WordPress, the first thing that I do in the morning is checking my blog. POST-ing a bit, SHARE-ing a bit, LIKE-ing a bit, COMMENT-ing a bit. It is quite an addiction, you see.  This morning too I logged into my WordPress account... Continue Reading →

Grateful again!

I accidentally lost one of my awards in the sea of comments. This was awarded to me close to a month ago from my friend Tapish. It was only recently that I realized it. I was stunned by how careless I can get. I delved into the endless stream of notifications and I skimmed, rummaged,... Continue Reading →

My Third Blog Award

Whoa! This really is the Award-Month for me! My third award!         Thank you, dear Lopa, for the award! Feels great to have received one again. My blog is all shining now with your sweetest SUNSHINE AWARD!! 🙂 What the award requires?? Answer some questions about yourself Nominate some of my favorite... Continue Reading →

The Second Blog Award

How very honored and freaked out I feel with all the awards flowing in. This is my second one this month. The second blog award. Though I am all smiles, I am panicking at the same time. What can I say??? Makes me stop in my steps and think 'Do I really deserve it?' Firstly,... Continue Reading →

Another Blog Award

Dear Fellow-bloggers-turned-Friends, I wish to take a few minutes of your valued time to listen to what I have to say. Okay, so not making it any more melodramatic here I go. Here is a bucket full of thanks for all your love and appreciation you've shown toward my blog (not to forget, all your... Continue Reading →

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