Day 45: When Dad left for his Maker…

It's been a while I've wanted to write and tell you things. Tell you why I've not been around of late. I couldn't gather the courage. For I know, the pain that I feel, you'd feel too. But here I am. Finally. Making a lackadaisical attempt. Exactly, a year ago, this time, I had jotted... Continue Reading →


I still believe…

I still believe that fairies exist. I still believe that so does magic. I still believe that I cannot watch a loved one die. I also believe that I could kill for a loved one. I still believe that lying is easier than convincing. I also believe that people don’t think too deep when they... Continue Reading →


Change is the only thing that is Constant, they say. It's inevitably omnipresent. But I ask, "Really?" Of late, I don't seem to experience anything new around me. No change at all. Or maybe, I am just oblivious to Change. Knowing me, I'd go with the latter. Yes, so I am lost in my own... Continue Reading →

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