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I am going to die a slow death poisoned by the dreams I have nurtured  in the womb of my heart but couldn’t give birth to... ♥ Of love that I have longed for that has mournfully bred  and filled every... Continue Reading →


He walked tip-toed To not wake her from her sleep ♥ Hardly did he know She was not sleeping but drifting away ♥ In the arms of who awaited her on the other side ~ ~ ~ Asha Seth


In the middle of the night When I turn out the light I see your shadows Following me Anxious I push aside the curtains Peeking out the window Check over once thorough Finding nothing Less settles my restless heart Bringing myself out... Continue Reading →


storms wrecked her, reduced her to a ruin… and he waited at the shore, counting waves, night and day... ~~~~~~~ Asha Seth

Second Chances

She is on the brink of adulthood, with much that life can give her. If only she gave it a second chance. But will she? A friend's cousin, yet to be 16, attempted ending her life. I've never met or... Continue Reading →

The Silhouette

Someone passed away recently. A school mate. Someone I didn't know well. And yet he appears in my thoughts.  A silhouette. As crazy as it may sound but I think about him. He gave in to cancer. I'd heard from... Continue Reading →

Counting Minutes

It is difficult to forget those few moments when you are COUNTING MINUTES for something to happen, when you are waiting for something impatiently. All of us have encounters with numerous such moments when we are COUNTING MINUTES. Desperately waiting.... Continue Reading →

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