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I’ll rise again…

Burn me right down to ashes let my skin singe and bones be charred and I promise you this I’ll still go on I’ll rise again from the embers a day at a time. I will. ~~~~~~~ Asha Seth


Like rain Like seas Like clouds  Like genesis  ♥ Like hope Like faith Like pain Like mirth  ♥ Like beauty Like lust Like tempt Like trust ♥ Like truth Like miracles Love too is Invincible ~~~~~ Asha Seth

Losing Faith

How do you hold on to faith when your world is falling apart? Know what I mean? When you are almost always pushed at that edge where you start questioning everything you've ever believed. How do you stop yourself from... Continue Reading →


Have Faith. Have Hope. Have a Lovely Day. 🙂 -Asha Seth

A Mother’s Perspective of Religion

A random experience. One that I experienced while commuting by train today evening. A heartbreaking one. One that almost got my senses numb. One that raises so many questions and doubts. It is one of the regular issues. Religion based... Continue Reading →

My Little Sister

Time passes by ever so slowly before you even have the chance to notice just like a snake slithering through the grass noiseless. Time only leaves a mark in our minds in the form of memories. And that is all... Continue Reading →

Be Patient….

God doesn't create faulty life. No. Everything created by God is perfect, and so are you. So stop driving yourself mad with endless ways to improve, and just accept the glory of your being as is. Let time take its... Continue Reading →

Life is…

Life is a bucket of myriad experiences we encounter everyday. Infinite, innumerable moments. Some might stay in your memories forever, some might last just for a few seconds. Some might prove to be challenging, some might just be fun-provoking. Some... Continue Reading →


It’s been 25 years. 25 years now that I am associated with this word - HOPE. A really long time if you ask me. The other day after my 25th birthday my mum said “It’s hard to believe that you... Continue Reading →

If anyone, trust BOOKS!

It is difficult to find someone who would stay by your side and always be there for you. And even if you do find that someone, it is thoroughly unpredictable if that person who would stick by your side through... Continue Reading →


While checking recent blogs and other activities from fellow-readers and bloggers on WordPress today, I stumbled across a strange new word - 'Amaryllis'! Wait a minute, did I spell it correctly? As it always happens that we come across new... Continue Reading →

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