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Tell Me

Tell me you love me and there's nothing more I need to know  Tell me you hate me and there's nothing more I want to know Tell me  you want to give it a chance and there's nothing I would not... Continue Reading →

Another Mistake?

Yes, it’s all about who’s stood by your side when you needed them the most. But what about those who chose to leave despite their wish to not do so. They had to, because that was best for you. That... Continue Reading →

Eyes tell a story

"Why eyes?", asked he suddenly not so curious. "Why ever not", I enquired. Answering his less satisfied yet inquisitive look, "For the same reason as you may find lips or hair or general physique attractive", I finished. I find casual coffee talks quite... Continue Reading →

It feels ‘Special’!

Unable to read her mind, I asked, How do you feel? Insanely perfect, she said, not looking at me. I couldn't make out if she was serious or just funny. Just then, she turned to look at me and with a slight smile... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Long Years

How anxious can you be about meeting someone? Is there a measure? And what makes the waiting furthermore unbearable - the person or the elapsed time? Have you felt that the waiting couldn't have gotten longer than at that moment?... Continue Reading →

When Relationships Die…

What do you do, When Relationships Die... When suddenly you are just an acquaintance to those who are an integral part of your life! When you are made to realize that your existence isn't valued anymore! When you are made... Continue Reading →

On Friendship’s Day

‘What is the one best thing to gift your friend on friendship’s day?’ This was a question I was ruminating about for the past few days. Friendship’s day was getting closer and I had no clue to what I would... Continue Reading →


While checking recent blogs and other activities from fellow-readers and bloggers on WordPress today, I stumbled across a strange new word - 'Amaryllis'! Wait a minute, did I spell it correctly? As it always happens that we come across new... Continue Reading →

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