The Hate I Harbored

Time wasn't on our side. Today, when it is too late, I convince myself thus. Maybe I wasn't the right age to understand. Maybe you were too harsh that I suffered in vain. Maybe I comprehended you wrong. Maybe you misunderstood me much. I believed you knew what you were doing. Unleashing a world of... Continue Reading →


Never Better

the trams rush by and people crawl away the crowded streets feel suffocated a blast of smoke erupts from a bike’s rear end and the dried leaves  licking dust slither away under the scorching sun a desolate urchin  bored of neglect  huddles at the corner finds a glob of spittle  catch his interest and draws in... Continue Reading →


A glimpse into the gone in the tales of yonder beyond the visage of newness there lies wonder curiosity freedom and impish glee such innocent bliss such poignant memories no place thus to be found no where thus seen ♥ Here’s to the child in each one of us! 👨 Happy Children’s day 👩 ~~~~~ Asha... Continue Reading →


When she got married, her mother spent sleepless nights. Oblivion engulfed her mornings, tea went cold each time, cups were returned to the kitchen counter, unbelievably from a tea-addict like her. ♥ Her favorite dishes, sweet and sour, left untouched for hours, begged to be devoured. Morsels cut down to halves, chewed painfully longer, without... Continue Reading →

When Dad turned 50

As a kid, I loved to celebrate birthdays. The best part about them were - A week prior to the birthday, Dad would ask what I'd loved to do and he would get me a present around that. When I was 8 or so, I’d told him that I loved to read stories. So for my... Continue Reading →

Allow Me

What are you afraid of? What’s stopping you? Some pages are better torn off and some meant to be burnt. But don't you stop me, baby, allow me to fix you back. ♥ Walk right by my side, I’ll heal those scars and take away the pain. Cast your reservations aside. Baby, open the door, allow... Continue Reading →

Is there a limit?

“Is there a limit?” asked my friend who I happened to meet over the weekend. At 27, she is expecting her second baby. We studied chemical science together. Missing lectures, attending practicals which were few and far spaced in the academic calendar, whiling away time in the college canteen, staying at each other’s places under... Continue Reading →

And I Think Of You…

Happiness is was my definition. Something I always believed. Until you made me see what Happiness really is. Happiness lies in little things not always in king-size dreams. You'd always say. And my definition changed. Not just for Happiness. But for my life too. And ever so gently, you gave life a new perspective.... Continue Reading →

Time of my Life!

Feels good to do absolutely nothing, isn't it? Lying idle. Carefree. These days I'm so busy doing nothing. Tied up head to toe in idleness. The entire Christmas week I've been on leave from work. Christmas vacation. Winter break. How blissful! How fortunate! Some of you who are working are thinking. Some are feeling a... Continue Reading →

Keep Smiling…

Amidst all your worries and all your griefs, Did I ever tell you how beautiful you look when that lovely smile adorns your face?  It wipes away not just your blues but helps lift someone's spirits too. So what if it is for just a few seconds? It does make a huge difference. So, always... Continue Reading →


Quite often, I wonder if life could be any better or worse than what it is right now.  Could it be any different than what it actually is? Perhaps, a little more happier. And what if it was gloomier? When I am absorbed deep in thoughts, I find myself running back in time, in my... Continue Reading →

Counting Minutes

It is difficult to forget those few moments when you are COUNTING MINUTES for something to happen, when you are waiting for something impatiently. All of us have encounters with numerous such moments when we are COUNTING MINUTES. Desperately waiting. Instances like these, When a husband is waiting outside a maternity ward...COUNTING MINUTES When a... Continue Reading →

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