#Quoted: You can’t wait for inspiration…

Writing is tedious process. It is rewarding but tedious. One can't deny that. It takes more than mere dedication and passion. Some days are dry. No ideas. No thoughts. Leading to no inspiration, ultimately. But persistence with consistency is the way ahead; if I may be allowed to say so. Inspiration may not come for days. It’s... Continue Reading →


The Good Writer & The Bad Writer

Is there such a thing as a good or a bad writer? I have battled with this thought in my head for quite too long. I think it’s time to unleash my thoughts! As a writer, I have experienced that newbies in writing are always chased by an incessant thought – they are not good... Continue Reading →

RIP (Return If Possible) Dr Kalam

Mere 6 days ago, I saw this shocking update on twitter where Haryana Education Minister, at a school function, paid homage to the now Late Former President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. It was shocking and no matter what, it had to be joke. It had to be! Within the matter of mere seconds, I brought... Continue Reading →

Every Morning…

No matter what the night ended like... No matter what the morning feels like.... Even if your mind is  stuck in worldly mires.... Even if your heart is low with crushed desires.... Always remember, There are always chances for something good to happen. Something wonderful is waiting for you! So, never give up HOPE. :-)... Continue Reading →

Grateful again!

I accidentally lost one of my awards in the sea of comments. This was awarded to me close to a month ago from my friend Tapish. It was only recently that I realized it. I was stunned by how careless I can get. I delved into the endless stream of notifications and I skimmed, rummaged,... Continue Reading →

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