she eclipsed his nomad soul from the storms of  self despair Follow @themusingquill on Instagram for more poetry. I await you there. 🙂 ~~~~~ Asha Seth      


Belongings of Buried Longings

It was an extraordinary autumn morning. He’d lived in the city for nine years now but it had never rained this time of the year. Today, however, a soft shower bathed the city. He was not particularly fond of rains. But the cool drizzles were a welcome change in the autumn heat. And well, it... Continue Reading →


चलते चलते कदम नहीं थकते ठहर जाने से थकते हैं यह सोचकर परेशान नहीं दिल की कल की सुबह आज सी नहीं होगी पर इस सोच में डूबा रेहता है की आज की शाम कल सी हुई तोह क्या डर इस बात का नहीं की कल अपने मुँह मोड़ लें फिक्र इस बात की होती... Continue Reading →

Voice of The Soul: Book Review by Asha Seth

Review Available on: Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author: Shreyans Kanswa| Genre: Poetry | Pages: 120 The poems are experiences that the poet shares with the world and these experiences are nothing fancy- they are all moments that the poet experiences with himself. They are questions born out of inquisitiveness and self-introspection. Reading 'Voice of the... Continue Reading →


चुपके से दबे पाओं आकर मेरे घर में तुम्हारी बातें कुछ ऐसे बसेरा कर गयीं की आज मुझसे ज़्यादा कहीं तुम हो झलकती उन आइनों से जिनमें मैं कभी खुदको तलाशता था की आज मुझसे ज़्यादा कहीं तुम हो छलकती इन पलकों से जिनसे मैं कभी खुदको तराशता था ~~~~~ आशा सेठ


Perhaps, life was not a mystery to be solved but an adventure to be kissed Hello reader, I hope you are enjoying my poems. With the micropoetry series, I am inviting prompts for writing poems. Do share your one-word prompts you would love to see etched in a poem and I shall love to oblige.... Continue Reading →


Wishing upon shooting stars was passé I only had to look into your eyes to find everything I've ever wanted How do you like my new micropoetry format? Like it? No? Do share your thoughts below. Follow @themusingquill on Instagram for more poetry. I await you there. 🙂 ~~~~~ Asha Seth

सुनहरी यादें…

सूरज की लौटती किरणों के संग हताश तन्हाईयाँ वापस लौट गयीं सुनहरी यादों से लिपटी यह शाम एक बार फिर हमें ज़िंदादिल कर गयी... ~~~~~ आशा सेठ

A Blind Date with My Late Father

"That's enough! I quit," and I stormed out of my manager's office. I was done taking blames for things I'd never done, or rather for what others had done. "Don't take shit, ever," dad had always said. Once again, more than anything, it was father's perpetual absence that nipped me at every point in life.... Continue Reading →


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be draped in melancholies and yet be smiling at the stars above? How do you like my new micropoetry format? Like it? No? Do share your thoughts below. Follow @themusingquill on Instagram for more poetry. I await you there. 🙂 ~~~~~ Asha Seth

Day 170: When Dad left for his Maker

There are nights I wake up in a haze. My eyes travel to your rocking chair at the end of the room. Is it truly rocking or is it my mind playing tricks? It is difficult to say in the dark of the night. I stare hard and long as if staring longer would make... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2018!

More than half of the year passed by within the blink of an eye. Rest half of it was spent traveling through some of the most beautiful canvases of the country. All in all, I can't say if I am happy or sad. It's a neutral ground I find myself in. I dig my heart... Continue Reading →

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