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Book Review: The Imperfectionists

#MyThoughts: Sometimes, it's good too take a chance with books and authors unheard of. As a reader, I'm quite eccentric. If I'm trying an author for the first time, I check out their quotes. Well, and if the quotes stick with... Continue Reading →


She daydreams about the handsome princes and knights in shining armor the queens in glorious gowns and castles with secrets galore ♥ She's mesmerized by the magic conjured by wands by the beauty of invisibility cloaks by cursed rings, poisoned... Continue Reading →

Dilemma with Titles

There is always this dilemma with titles. To begin with, I am never self-satisfied with a chosen title. And once I have chosen it, sticking by it is another task. Thinking of it now, I feel how difficult can it... Continue Reading →

Difficult Writing Times

Sounds very much like one of those newspaper titles to me but good that we do not have such things. Can't imagine what days would be like to have a newspaper like that to start the day with! So I... Continue Reading →

Writing Simple

Well, being simple is most difficult, isn’t it? Being simple, living simple, thinking simple, writing simple. But when it comes to writing, I feel, it’s furthermore difficult. Let me tell you about my writing experiences so far. Like every other... Continue Reading →

What to Write?

Do you sometimes feel that your head might burst dispersing thousands of words in the form of thoughts in the air around you? Do you come across this state when there is so much you want to write, so many... Continue Reading →

Art of Writing

"The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe." Gustave Flaubert

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Okay, Point no. 1: Do not run behind books based on the hype around you. That's the first lesson I learnt. For some goddamn reason, everywhere around me I just saw Fifty Shades. In trains, buses, at work, with friends, around... Continue Reading →


So true! Hence, I have this under my pillow 🙂 😉 -Asha Seth

Book Review: On Writing

Acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks has listed and recommended some books that will help you improve your writing skills on his website. One of it is 'ON WRITING' by 'STEPHEN KING'. This being the first Stephen King book that I read, I was... Continue Reading →

More Books, Please?

A never-satisfying thirst. A never-ending search. No matter how many books I read. No matter how many of them I own. I still always feel the need to have some more. Asha Seth

Just one wish…

 How I wish if someone would take me to a place like this...  and then leave me all alone with a set of books to read! -Asha Seth Related articles A World of My Own ( How many books do... Continue Reading →

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