Saraswati Park – Book Review by Asha Seth

Review Available on: Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author: Anjali Joseph| Genre: Indian Literature, Fiction | Pages: 261 The Plot: Set in Modern-day Mumbai, Mohan is a letter-writer, content but unhappy. Lakshmi, his wife, is a homemaker, tired of that title. When Lakshmi's nephew, Ashish, arrives to stay with them, they both grab the opportunity as... Continue Reading →


Thirteen Long Years

How anxious can you be about meeting someone? Is there a measure? And what makes the waiting furthermore unbearable - the person or the elapsed time? Have you felt that the waiting couldn't have gotten longer than at that moment? Well, I have noticed that your patience is best put to trials when you are... Continue Reading →

No Mood To Write

So it’s time for my favorite part of the year - Monsoons. And surprisingly, while there is so much I can write, I actually am in no mood to write. I am enjoying the weather as after much waiting we finally have some relief from the blazing sun. The last couple of weeks seemed like... Continue Reading →

Ganesha is back!

Back again is the festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi. A much awaited carnival in India which is observed for eleven days with immense enthusiasm in the western region of the nation. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as a tribute to Lord Ganesh (The Elephant God) with much fun and frolic for eleven days. People bring home... Continue Reading →

Finally, its raining!

How does one feel when after miles of throat-wrenching walk, you suddenly spot a spring of fresh water? or the feeling as they say when one discovers an oasis in a desert? Just the sight of it feels refreshing, isn't it? It is like food for hungry eyes and quenches your thirst even before you ... Continue Reading →

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