Voice of The Soul: Book Review by Asha Seth

Review Available on: Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author: Shreyans Kanswa| Genre: Poetry | Pages: 120 The poems are experiences that the poet shares with the world and these experiences are nothing fancy- they are all moments that the poet experiences with himself. They are questions born out of inquisitiveness and self-introspection. Reading 'Voice of the... Continue Reading →


Would it matter?

would it matter if the rising sun was purple the sinking moon amber if what we cried were not salted tears but only plain water would it matter if meadows were black and storms mellow if elephants chirped and squirrels bellowed if lions were striped and zebras spotted if we walked backward to reach ahead would... Continue Reading →

A dream within a dream

woke up from a dead slumber to find myself buried deep within the womb of earth rustic red smell fill my nostrils squirming limbless beatless, breathless a void, inside a void wriggling, wrestling maggots and worms in the inside of my sweaty palms crawled rocks in pebbles lost in identity render me vague extinct, inexplicably... Continue Reading →

The Witty Worm

I told the sun - "Shine so bright, that your gaze melts down my worries." Just then, the birds bickered and said - "With your worries, you'll end us all." The sun said - "Go to the wind, it might blow them away for you." I told the wind - "Get so wild that your... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Show

on the lazy Sunday morning when the city had just woken up from a deep sweaty slumber suddenly lightning cast a flash and the clouds dark and energetic gathered at once ready to enact the howling wind got in action as if collaborating on a mission ♥ tattered trees swayed in fury and the strays pranced... Continue Reading →

The Lane Amidst Nature

Did this picture catch your attention? Did it provoke a thought in your mind? Before you start wondering why on earth would I want to share a random picture, let me tell you something? This is not just another image courtesy Google. It is an image courtesy Nokia C2-01, my mobile phone. I managed to... Continue Reading →

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