For a moment, let’s just…

For a moment, let’s just... Stand still and look around and watch the birds fly or hear the rustle of autumn leaves or let the deafening silence reign. ♥ For a moment, let’s just... Stand by the sea and enjoy the waves crash against the rocks and let us do nothing but watch the bubbles... Continue Reading →


Say it Anyway

Enough of holding back. Struggling with your own self. So what if they walk away? Say it anyway. It may not be worth your trial. But you deserve the impending peace. Enough of tormenting yourself. Say it anyway. Life's unfair, as it is. Why make it harder? When you suffer, in wake or sleep, who's there... Continue Reading →

The Lane Amidst Nature

Did this picture catch your attention? Did it provoke a thought in your mind? Before you start wondering why on earth would I want to share a random picture, let me tell you something? This is not just another image courtesy Google. It is an image courtesy Nokia C2-01, my mobile phone. I managed to... Continue Reading →

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